Melody Smoker

I was born August 29th 1998 in Northern California and moved to Los Angeles when I was 2. There was no beginning for my art as I was always creating something and loved all artistic platforms. I started painting when I was 11 years old but only started practicing when I was 15 and joined the painting class at the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center. I took the class for about two years and now at 18 am having my first art exhibition of my Santa Monica sunrise acrylic paintings.

My inspiration for these paintings is taken from photos shot by my boyfriend, who goes several times weekly to watch the sunrise at the ocean. As I would receive photos from him of these sunrises as the weeks would pass I became continuously captivated by the color in them. Even an overcast sunrise, had such subtle variations in color that even as pastels or neutrals were so rich in their purity. When I graduated highschool I began studying art on my own at home and found I enjoyed preparing all the colors for the paintings myself. I would mix all the colors, including black, from the primaries red, yellow, blue, and white. Any color you see in this exhibition was hand mixed from these four.

I never expected to be painting the ocean. To me, the ocean itself is an expression of color and light. As if formless, unattainable and only able to be found by the eye. I began going to the ocean myself and was struck by the immensity of it all. Sitting at the shore is just as being covered and surrounded by color and light. The water, sand, and sky all unable to be held by the hand. I have found the ocean as a reflection in all of the color.

Each painting in this collection is a singular moment that makes up a larger experience. I found that each moment would clearly show who I am by how my work would present itself. Each loose paint stroke, pristinely executed blend of sky, or layered ocean was an example of that present state of being, of who I was in that moment. My display of this would represent my playfulness, seriousness, laziness, or discipline. I know as I continue to paint these and new subject matters, the work as a whole will be an art of who I am in the development of my expression, self discipline and freedom.


August 10- September 12, 2017
Opening Reception on August 12
With Live Music and Refreshments)
Also featured during the Canoga Park Art Walk for August
@ Canoga Park Youth Arts Center
7222 Remmet Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91303
This was my first solo exhibition as an artist featuring my seascape paintings. Many mornings my partner wakes up before the sun rises and drives to the ocean in Santa Monica to watch the sunrise, have fun, and enjoy every moment.
These paintings are my interpretation of these photos and have taken me on a journey of development and focus. 
Keep in touch for further information.
Thank you to everyone who made it for the opening night and I hope you all enjoyed the experience.
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