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My Presentation to You

Born in Northern California and moved to Los Angeles at a young age. There was no beginning for my art I was always just creating something. I loved all artistic platforms, watching dancers, movies, cartoons, listening to music, going to museums, studying the doodles for my textbooks that told stories and explained the subjects to me. Art was everywhere.

My Bedroom Wall
Warrior Cat
Woodshop Piggies


My Youth or Not So Long Ago

In fourth grade I remember I started to draw actively, in fifth I fell in love with my first anime, and my middle school years where full of anime drawings, making clothes for my dolls and myself, I fell in love with wood working and colored pencils and made my first acrylic paintings on drawing paper. I loved to sing, always. I entered a contest my last year of middle school, and won first place, to all my shock and child's joy. In my mind, I could never be good enough, or understood enough to win anything.

My Love for Photography
Tiny Rock Paintings
Crystal Jewelry
Tatto Design
Airbrushed Galaxy Bike in Progress
My Love for Pens
My Love for Simple Expressive Illustrations


In high school I did everything. painted, drew, danced, sewed. I painted rocks, dyed my hair, started making crystal jewelry, took a figure drawing class, fell in love with pens, took a couple high school art classes, painted a galaxy on a bike, repurposed couch fabric into alternative clothing, made shocking face paints, modeled, took photos of tons of natural scenes, started hoop dancing, studied pen and ink calligraphy... and so on with the adventures. I took a class for painting outside of school at the Canoga Park Youth Arts Center which took a very different approach to creative education from my high school platform which sometimes I resisted and sometimes would go to escape to.



Today I live with my partner and have an at home studio where I spend most of my free time working on my landscape paintings. I've set up an organized system to spend time practicing the subjects I've chosen for myself every day. I am currently working on several other projects which include calligraphy, cartoons, and crystals and have a few other painting subjects in mind after my ocean and sky series. I spend 100% of my time trying to develop myself as a human being, and be myself, and help others see themselves too along the way.